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Welcome to the

Sunday Sibe Club's

official page

Originally formed in 2014, SSC started off with a small group of friends who would walk regularly on a Sunday with our sibes (hence the name).

Four years on, we have many more members and not just sibes! 

We don't just walk either.

Many friendships have formed and we do a lot of other things together.

Pack Walks


Charity Work

Evenings Out

Bonus Ball


Husky Hit Squad (shooting group)

Members will find everything they need to know about the group on this website.

Sutton Park - February 2017

Howl'o'ween Camp - 2017

SSC Wishing You a

Merry Christmas 2017

Bestwood - May 2017

The Jerker - 2017

SSC Wishing You a

Merry Christmas 2018

SSC Wishing You a

Merry Christmas 2019

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