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Lots of dogs need space due to a number of reasons. 

Please don't approach other dogs, even if your dog is friendly, as you may not know the other dog's temperament.


Dogs in need of space are not bad dogs, they just have different boundaries and needs.


There are a lot of reasons why a dog needs space.


  • Doesn't like socialising

  • Old and tired/grumpy

  • Recently adopted so unsure of new surroundings

  • Scared

  • Insecure

  • Deaf and/or blind

  • Unwell

  • Healing after illness or surgery

  • In training

  • In season

  • Nervous or reactive

  • Overexcited

  • Had a bad experience in the past



ON LEAD - Always keep your dog on a lead, however trained it may be. Some dogs can get very defensive or nervous if another dog off lead runs up to them. (of course, we all know the prey drive can kick in at any time, too)


ASK PERMISSION BEFORE APPROACHING - It's always best to ask permission so the owner can let you know if their dog is calm and friendly or not. Please respect their response even if you think your dog will not cause any issues.



RESPECT OWNERS - Owners do not want to cause a scene. If they have a dog in need of space and someone approaches with another dog, it could cause the owner undue stress, could cause a fall, injury or anxiety.

Sunday Sibe Club supports Yellow Dog UK. (Click Here for more info)

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