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Howl'o'ween Camp 2017

What an amazing camp! The weather was good to us! It remained dry, a bit cold at night but enjoyable and toasty warm around the numerous fire pits.

The shooting competition went well. It was a timed competition and the results were better than last year even though there were more targets! Kieran holds the record so far with 18.21 seconds for the boys and Monica with 28.29 for the girls. Many thanks go out to Paul, Adam, Liam and Ryan for helping out.

The buffet was outstanding! So much yummy food and the cakes, OMG, the cakes! Just beautiful! Thank you to everyone that contributed and putting so much effort into it and of course thank you to Gail, Tasha, Leanne and Jane for helping to sort it all out.

Huge thank you as always to Jo's mum, Gail, for the scrumptious burgers and sausages!

The costumes, oh my days, where to start! I can't believe the effort that was put in this year. They were all absolutely amazing! Monica was so scary, Bobba broke free and ran off! Don't worry, we managed to get him back safely. The judge panel really struggled in picking winners as everyone was so awesome!

I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter!

This was spectacular! Huge thank you to Sami and Jay for allowing us to get hot under the collar with the firebreathing! It was enjoyed by all that took part. We hope you will do this again next Holw'o'ween!

The results of the fancy dress and the rest of the weekend are below.

Male Dog Fancy Dress

1st - Loki as Dracula

2nd - Simba as a Spider

3rd - Bobba & Bruce joint 3rd as Batman and Robin

Female Dog Fancy Dress

1st - Pixie as a Spider

2nd - Komet as a Pumpkin

3rd - Tia as a Devil

Male Human Fancy Dress

1st - Ash as Pinhead

2nd - Ryan but as it was so hard to decide they went with The Incredibles family

3rd - Tommo as James Bond

Female Human Fancy Dress

1st - Monica as a Nightmare Forest Creature (scary as hell!)

2nd - Nicky but as it was so hard to decide they went with The Shrek Family

3rd - Gail and Tasha as Snow White and The Wicked Queen

Best Male Shot (Shooting)

1st - Kieran

2nd - Ben

3rd - Jay

Best Female Shot (Shooting)

1st - Monica

2nd - Sami

3rd - Tasha

Shooting Booby Prize


Team Game 'The Jerker'

The Crate Escape - 5 Points

Team of Evil - 1 Point

Furbabies from Hell - 5 points

The Mutley Crew - 1 Point

Team Zoombie - 5 Points

Team Muttz Nuttz - 1 Point

Team Quiz

Team of Evil - 37

Furbabies - 33

Team Zoombie - 33

Muttz Nuttz - 28

The Crate Escape - 22

The Mutley Crew - 21

With the Team Game and Quiz Game points added together, for the very first time we had a three-way tie with 38 points!

Team of Evil, Furbabies from Hell and Team Zoombie.

We asked a tiebreaker question where Team of Evil got the closest answer, meaning Team of Evil took home the trophies. (just!)

All in all this was a fantastic camp! Thank you so much to everyone for joining in, helping out and making this a really enjoyable camp, the best camp yet!

Roll on Summer Camp 2018!

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