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SSC Charity BBQ 2018

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Such a fantastic day! Nicky and Simon generously opened up their Doggy Day Care to put on a BBQ for SSC members to raise some much needed funds for charity. The chosen charity was SHWA (Siberian Husky Welfare Association).

The food was amazing, burgers, hot dogs, kebabs, salad etc.

We had a fantastic raffle. Michelle was VERY lucky and almost took everything home, haha!

The weather started off uncertain, overcast and a little rain, but as the day went on it picked up nicely and the sun made an appearance.

The dogs had fun in the off lead paddocks and some dogs surprised their owners. It was great to see some of our misunderstood fluffs off lead with others, even some you would never have risked put together before. Nicky was great and helped people gain confidence in just letting them go for it, it was beautiful.

Rounders! Oh my days. I have never seen anything like it! Let's just say that there were lots of bruises, falls and cheating going on. But you know what? It was all for fun, highly entertaining and just a barrel of laughs all the way through!

Thank you so much once again Nicky and Simon for organising this and giving everyone a day to remember! In the end we raised a fabulous £356.20 for SHWA!

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