Summer Camp 2018

What a camp! The weather was too good to us and made us all melt! For those still there, how awesome that the ice cream van turned up on Sunday!? Big thank you to Aslam (Mr Yummy). They were very much needed!


Thank you once again Nicky and Simon for organising the rounders. We had 2 teams, Saints vs Sinners

In the Saints team we had The Mutley Crew, Muttz Nuttz and the extras.

In the Sinners team we had Team of Evil, Furbabies from Hell and The Crate Escape.

Who won??

Drum roll.....

It was a draw! 10.5 points each team.

We had rugby tackles, black eyes and many bruised knees and egos, but it was all fun!


The team game, Warrior Dash, was brutal in this heat! A few of us got burns/bruises. (Seems that nobody is safe on our camps, we should get you all to sign disclaimers! lol)

We had to have a volunteer team made up because of how it was played. And can you believe the volunteers won!? Well, it was a pretend win so it couldn't be counted.

The results were as follows:

1st - Furbabies From Hell = 2 minutes and 32 seconds - 10 points added to quiz.

2nd - Team of Evil - 2 minutes and 36 seconds - 8 points added to quiz.

3rd - The Muttley Crew - 2 minutes and 37 seconds = 6 points added to quiz.

4th - Muttz Nuttz - 3 minutes and 33 seconds - 4 points added to quiz.

5th - The Crate Escape - 3 minutes and 39 seconds - 2 points added to quiz


Now the quiz scores. They were very close and we actually had a draw, joint 2nd.

1st - The Muttley Crew - 42 points

2nd - Furbabies from Hell - 39 points

2nd - Muttz Nuttz - 39 points

3rd - Team of Evil - 34 points

4th - The Crate Escape - 33 points

So that meant, the overall score, with their quiz score and team game scored combined was as follows:

1st - Furbabies from Hell - 49 points

2nd - The Mutley Crew - 48 Points

3rd - Muttz Nuttz - 43 points

4th - Team of Evil - 42 points

5th - The Crate Escape - 35 points.

So the new champions are Furbabies from Hell! Well done guys! Very close!


The shooting competition this year was worked out by targets hit and time taken.

Monica won Best Female Shot 2 years running!

Jeff who got the Booby Prize last time, came in 2nd!

And we have a few new names on the board!

Best Male Shot (Shooting)

1st - Andrew - 9 targets in 0·51·42

2nd - Jeff - 9 targets in 1·01·77

3rd - Matt T - 8 targets in 0·54·52

Best Female Shot (Shooting)

1st - Monica - 9 targets in 2·08·52

2nd - Suzi - 8 targets in 1·25·42

3rd - Amy - 7 targets in 0·59·81

Shooting Booby Prize

Uldis - 3 targets in 2·20·47

Thanks to Paul, Adam and Tasha for helping with the shooting.


Thank you as always to Gail (Jo's mum) for the beautiful burgers and sausages. You always give up your free time for us and we truly do appreciate every second! :)

And a big thanks to our other Gail and company for all your help with the buffet. You always do a fantastic job in setting it out for us and getting everything organised. You're a star!

The buffet was full of nom noms! Thank you so much to everyone that contributed to it and for the loan of the tables. Can't wait to see the Howl'o'ween noms.


Huge thanks to Stu from Arctic Wolf and Maraide from Guardians Pet Supplies for your talk, support and merchandise. You were both super helpful to a lot of our campers and gave some great advice! We really appreciate it and the feedback has been great!


Thank you so much Suzi for all of your hard work in organising organising the dog show, awards and sweepstake and to Katie and Nicola from 8 Below for judging the show. We raised a lovely £180 for 8 Below which will really help the dogs.

The results were as follows:

World Cup Sweepstake

Jodie - France

Dog Awards

Dog Most Like Its Owner (personality) - Pixie & Monica

Best Resting Bitch Face - Bella

Happiest Dog - Nikko

Best Behaved Walking Dog - Mitzy Moo

Best Doggy Couple - Malakai and Simba

Best Doggy Family - The K-Team

Human Awards

Husky blogger - Gail

Aquaphile - Gail

Treat Master - Gail

Bruised Buttock and Knees - Suzi

Most Doggy liked Person - Tasha

Better Late Than Never - Rhianna

SSC Couple of the Year - Nicky & Simon

SSC Family of Year - The K-Team

Dog Show

Handsome Male - Zeus

Prettiest Bitch - Miishka

Cutest Puppy - Shade

Asbo Dog - Blitz

Dog Most Like Its Owner (looks) - Roxy & Ian

Most Appealing Eyes - Loki

Best Kisser - Simba

Best Sausage Catcher - Neeko

Golden Oldie - Shadow

Dog Judges Wanted to Take Home - Nikko

Best in Show - Loki


We'd also like to thank Matt G for bringing his archery set. It was a real hit! (excuse the pun). If you bring it for Howl'o'ween, I'm thinking maybe we should have an apple on someone's head? You know, scare the bejeezus out of them ;)

Thank you Ryan G for the equipment which helped with the fencing so much!

Denise, because we now have a favourite wine that even Paul will drink!

Andrew for that awesome breakfast, especially the eggy fried bread!

Thank you to all those that helped either put up or take down the off lead fencing area. It saved a lot of time!

And thank you to everyone that attended, helped out with anything and everything and of course to Becky for keeping me sane!

Roll on Howl'o'ween Camp!

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