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Howl'o'ween Camp 2018

Have you ever been so cold that if a dog licked your face to greet you, it would get its tongue stuck to your cheeks? Yeah? We feel your pain! Man, this was one brutally cold camp! It got so cold that some people had to go home to sleep and then come back the next day.

The off lead secure area was a big success again. Thank you to everyone that helped to put it up and take it down. The dogs loved running around in there, plus it was bigger this year.


Ahh the team game. There may or may not have been some injuries and bruises on this game. Oops! Still, you all did fantastic and fought through it! You did so well that you all got joint places with each other!

The results are as follows:

1st - Team of Evil - 8 points added to quiz

1st - The Mutley Crew - 8 points added to quiz

2nd - Furbabies from Hell - 6 points added to quiz

2nd - Team Zoombie - 6 points added to quiz


This was somewhat close...

1st - Team of Evil - 38 points

2nd - Furbabies from Hell - 36 points

3rd - The Mutley Crew - 31 points

4th - Team Zoombie - 28 points

It means that the team game points didn't help at all. So the overall scores were:

1st - Team of Evil - 46 points

2nd - Furbabies from Hell - 42 Points

3rd - The Mutley Crew - 39 points

4th - Team Zoombie - 34 points

It also means that Team of Evil are still the unbeaten Howl'o'ween champs! Hell knows what I'm doing next year as all Halloween questions have been exhausted over the last 4 years!?


The shooting competition this year was worked out by 2 people shooting at once. They each had a target which moved from one end to another. They had the option to shoot target as fast as possible to get to the end and to also shoot their opponents target to stop them advancing.

Best Male Shot (Shooting)

1st - Tommo - 12.9 cms

2nd - Andrew - 12.2 cms

3rd - Ashley - 10.7 cms

Best Female Shot (Shooting)

1st - Suzi - 12.2 cms

2nd - Monica - 11.5 cms

3rd - Laura - 7.6 cms


Thank you so much to our very own Paul and Gail for the BBQ burgers and sausages!

And Gail, Tasha and Fayee for sorting the buffet out again. You guys are the best!

Of course, there wouldn't be a buffet if it weren't for all of you guys bringing different things. The food was so yummy, especially the hot dishes we had on the go!

Chilli, Meatballs, Soup. Was very much needed in this weather! Thank you!


Huge thank you once again to Stu from Arctic Wolf and Maraide from Guardians Pet Supplies for your bikejoring sessions, support and merchandise. We really appreciate everything you have done for us, yet again!


It wouldn't be Howl'o'ween without a bit of fancy dress! Safe to say, costumes didn't stay on long due to it being extremely cold! But well done everybody that took part.

Human Fancy Dress

1st - Monica

2nd - Kristine & Uldis

3rd - Michaela & Dave

4th - Gail, Tasha & Fayee

Dog Fancy Dress

1st - Pixie

2nd - Nikko

3rd - Joint winners: Team Two Plus Moo - Simba & Malakai - Arlo.


Michaela and Dave for your yummy sweet stall!

Tommo for all of the wood. This was essential for us, lol!

Adam and Michelle for the projector and films. Such a shame it was too cold for people to sit out and watch them though. Well, apart from a couple of metal cases like myself and Laura! But it was great quality, top notch :)

Suzi for organising the raffle and raising some funds for a special lady.

Rhianna for bringing me my spare set of car keys because Keiko decided to lock himself in my car!

Becky for the continuous flow of cocktails!

All in all, and apart from the weather, it was a great camp.

But bring it on for Summer Camp! Back to School!!!

Keep everything crossed for some nice weather!

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